Let's Rocket - Dublin



Rocket has taken the London Yoga community by storm. Based off the Ashtanga series, the sequence is dynamic and challenging; However it is also a playful practice that builds in a number of inversions, fun arm balances and challenging transitions. The energising nature of this practice often proves to be love at first sight for many who try it. It’s called Rocket because “ it gets you there faster” !!!!

In this session Sarah will teach a full Rocket sequence and Chris will assist, taking some time to break down those tough arm balances and transitions. It’s an all levels class, so there will be variations for everyone. Just remember, as Larry Schultz, the creator of Rocket Yoga, best put it, ‘You are stronger than you think you are’.

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Difficulty: All Levels
Location: Yoga Hub Dublin, Camden Place
Date: Sunday 16th September, 12 - 2pm
Price: £30 p/p

Chris Magee